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Top things to do

The AlUla experience is just one part of what is a fascinating melting pot in northwest Arabia. Within a drive's reach, visitors can find two other hotbeds of ancient culture, Khaybar and Tayma, each with their own story to tell. The former, a volcanic desert ecosystem, sits to the south east, while the archaeological marvel of Tayma lies north.

Explore Hegra with a Rawi and Ranger as you are driven around in a vintage Land Rover, with seating for up to 7 guests

Hegra Vintage Land Rover Tour

Explore these ancient sites dated to 9th century BCE with marvelous displays of inscriptions and petroglyphs.

Dadan & Ikmah Vintage Land Rover Tour

Stroll among the ruins of mudbrick buildings dating back almost a millennium

Old Town Tour

History & Heritage

Discover some of the world's most beautiful and unique landscapes during a private journey that takes you to unique rock formations and ancient inscriptions

Sharaan Reserve VIP Safari Tour

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Desert Safari

Experience the enchantment of desert, surrounded by mystical rock formations, and enjoy dinner alfresco.


Nature and Outdoors

Take in the glory of AlUla 1,200 metres up in the air with an unforgettable experience.

AlUla Hot Air Balloons

Enjoy the incredible ariel views of the desert vistas and iconic landmarks such as Elephant Rock and Hegra.

Helicopter Tour

Adrenalin will flow through your veins on this morning’s two-hour private dune buggy excursion through the magnificent desert scenery of AlUla.

Dune Buggy


A true icon of AlUla, the elephant shaped rock formation stretches up 52 metres into the sky, its warm-hued sandstone shaped by wind and water erosion over the course of millions of years.

Elephant Rock

Maraya is an architectural wonder that has quickly reached icon status. Upon approaching this magnificent mirrored structure in AlUla’s Ashar Valley you may feel your eyes are deceiving you as Maraya seems to disappear into the surrounding sandstone cliffs before swiftly reappearing.


A nourishing lifeline

In the golden desert sands of AlUla stand lush and inviting groves of date palms that not only produce more than 90,000 tonnes of dates every year but also act as a cornerstone of the natural ecosystem. 

AlUla Oasis

Places to go

Take a journey through time in the world's largest living museum.

AlUla stands with two other great oases in northwest Arabia — Khaybar and Tayma - to create a place of profound history that is continuously evolving. Its strategic position has, throughout millenia, made it a crucial hub for trade, and its distinct geographical features, such as the famed oasis and imposing sandstone mountains, combined with its favourable climate, allowed numerous civilisations to thrive. Those who visit now embark on an authentic journey, travelling back in time, surrounded by wonders and a sense of discovery.

Extraordinary human and natural heritage
Layer upon layer of human history and a wealth of natural wonders are waiting to be explored, from dramatic rock formations and sand-swept dunes to archaeological ruins that trace the lives of the ancient cultures who built cities here.

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